Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like You Know It All

Film director Koo Gyung-nam is invited to sit on the jury of the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, where he meets attractive festival programmer Kong Yun-hee. He later travels to Jeju Island to deliver a lecture, and while there meets a painter and his wife
Like You Know It All is Hong's second film to be shot on HD video following his previous feature Night and Day, released in 2008.The film is being produced independently with a short shooting period and low budget of $100,000, with the cast—some of whom have appeared in Hong's earlier films—working without any fees upfront. Shooting commenced in Jecheon, August 2008, where the real-life Jecheon International Music and Film Festival is held annually, before moving to Jeju Island where filming continued into September.

A member of the main production staff said, "the film steps away from the sharp beauty of cinematic form, trying to make some changes while being more loose in form but more dynamic in atmosphere. It is more hilarious but also bitter at the same time."

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